Shades Of Gray

There's a hole in me where there used to be life
I'm left wondering where my feelings have gone
The colors of my world have faded
I'm left with only shades of gray.

My things that were once precious to me
Now merely objects in a room
The house I love now only a series of little boxes
No joy in them do I find, confining they have become

Family and friends who speak to me
Though I see them speaking
Their voices I cannot hear
Like a movie with no sound

I live my life with the emptiness well hidden
No sign of my confusion do you see
A delicate facade I have in place
Ever mindful of its existence I am

Can someone fill the hole where there once was life
Can they return to me the feelings that have gone
Replace the faded colors of my world
Lift away forever the shades of gray.
--Texas Lady


Drink in my essence
Explore my very soul
Carry me away
On a breathless moan
Pull me into you
Awaken dormant needs
Bodies straining to meet
Heart's rythmn as one
Uncontrolled passion
Souls uniting
Forever lost
Forever together

The Teacher

Lines surround the slate grey eyes
Eyes that hae seen many things
From the bright blue summer sky
To the stark whitness of a fierce winter storm.

His face is rugged and worn from to many hours in the sun
Long days in the saddle have gently bowed his legs.
Dirt and grit have put gravel in his voice
His hands show the path of his life
in the callouses & scars they bear.

He's lived a simple life and counts himself a lucky man
To have been give this life he chose.
Lessons learned and lessons taught,
have sometimes been hard fought
He's struggled and he's battled
with the land and with the cattle.

His body's grown weary & he longs to lay it down
His restless soul is quite now, no longer does it yearn.
He seeks the peace of a quiet evenin sky
Somberly he watches the eagle as it passes by.

He'll pass on the reins & hang up his chaps
His last few mementos all packed in his bags
His trophy's & buckles, nooses & gloves.

His time here is over, he's needed no more
He'll turn tails to wind and with the sun at his back
He'll start his last journey with no lookin back.

--Texas Lady


I am a shadow here
A ghost walking through my life
Wandering lost among the memories
Of days that have long since passed.

I am a shadow here
Constantly turning into walls of my own reflection
Following endless hallways leading nowhere
Taking stairs that lead up to rooms that we once shared.

I am a shadow here
People and places that I held so dear are gone from me
Carried away with the passing of time
As leaves are carried by the wind.

I am a shadow here, how I long to be seen
To once again be a part of life
To feel again the warmth of the sun
The touch of a strong embrace
A tender kiss upon my cheek
But I am only a shadow here.

--Texas Lady

The Curtain of Night

The curtain of night
The curtain rises
A passion play
Of lost desires

Hollow eyes beckon
From shadows they call
The lost seeking losers
Unprepared for the fall

The shadows, they move
And then fade again
Embracing the darkness
Never seeing the end

A wasteland of hope
Human refuse piled high
Eyes are cast downward
Never seeing the sky

And so it goes on
The days become one
Alone in the dark
Dreaming of the sun



What would my family think if they saw me out here?
Would they recognize me, call my name?
Would they even acknowledge me or would they stroll past like the strangers they've become?
People are the occasional smiling face and clank of coins in a cup.
More often, the hostile glances, the barely-hidden smirks and the nearly morbid curiosity.
Who is he?
How did he get here?
The questions they would ask are the very ones I cannot answer.
Alone in a sea of humanity, or am I merely drowning in a sea of humans?
Their logic does not apply, cannot make sense.
My reality is too far removed from theirs, beyond their understanding, or mine.
If they understood, they'd be sitting next to me, for to understand is to have given up.
Trying to explain how to avoid my fate is like trying to tell someone how to stop sliding down a mountain.
You'll stop when you stop.


Faceless People

Faceless names of people I don't know
Friends to me they have become
Words upon a screen they write
That bring laughter or sorrow
Where will we be tomorrow

Loves found and lost
Feelings hurt or ego's stroked
Lives touched and hearts mended
Stories shared and jokes told
An odd family we have become
Brothers & sisters, husbands and wives
In different places & different lives

Oceans spanned and borders crossed
Our lives now intertwined hands and hearts reaching out.
Friends who have left us our lives they have touched
Fond memories of them do we share
The echo of their laughter do we hear.

Faceless names of people I don't know
Family to me they have become
Words upon a screen they write
Richness, love, laughter & sorrow
These things to my life they do bring.
If suddenly today they were taken away
Where would I be tomorrow.

--Texas Lady


Before my eyes
A thousand miles away
Bright as the sun
I can't look away
Beauty so pure
A spirit divine
The girl in my dreams
She'll never be mine

I found her but she's not there
I lost her because I cared
I hurt her cause she hurt me
The reflection I never see
Could I wake and find just a dream
Are things really as they seem
The hurt makes the pain go away
Guess I just face another day

A thousand times
A million miles away
Dark as the night
I must look away
Too scared to be sure
A fear so sublime
The girl of my dreams
She'll never be mine