is america becoming a police state?

If that headline makes you so angry you want to kill me, the answer is a resounding yes. Freedom of speech has long been under assault by the powers that be. No news there, but what about freedom of thought? Here's a recent headline as reported by FOX News:

"U.S. Intelligence sources say Al-Queda might be thinking of planning an attack against America."

Come again?? "Might be thinking of planning...".

Exactly when did someone who might be thinking about doing something become newsworthy? Or worse, criminal?

I might be thinking about putting my foot up somebody's ass, (like the idiot who allowed that headline to run) but unless I actually act on it, it's simply a pleasant thought.
There used to be something called a presumption of innocence in this country but that gift of our fore-fathers is rapidly being destroyed by a paranoid, flag-waving program of pure propaganda that would make Josef Goebbels smile.

"The more
the state,
the more
the laws."


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